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Hey there, this is Yeshashree!

Creative engineer

I am passionate about thoughtful application of technology. I have 6 years of experience working in the realms of software application development, consulting and product design. Breaking down complex problems to discover simple and effective solutions which hopefully simplify peoples lives is what I enjoy about my work.

Adventurous Traveller

I spend my weekends and holidays travelling or hiking. I have scaled small mountains in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and abroad in Japan and the Faroe Islands, and high altitude peaks in the Himalayas. I also enjoy exploring new places, peoples and cultures. 


In my free time, I also enjoy pencil sketching and more recently, I’ve started to explore digital art on Procreate. 

Volunteer at Sankalp

Sankalp is an NGO dedicated to serving disadvantaged communities in Bangalore. I used to volunteer at a local children’s home, teaching kids paining and origami. Now that I have moved to a different city, I am involved in fund raising activities. 
We’re always glad to have new enthusiastic members join us! We post upcoming outreach activities on our Facebook page.